Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Those Little Girls Have To Stick Up For One Another

I've never seen Monkette as excited as she was the other day when I came home from the post office. The photo book filled with Gabriella pictures had arrived at last. My cute little granddaughter could be seen in photos with Mommy and Daddy as well as with all four of us beaming grandparents. Jonathan and Deborah had done a great job bringing a cute little girl, Gabriella Pardo Kaplan, into the world on September 25th, 2006.

Monkette sat on my lap, a big happy grin on her face, as we leafed through the 24 pages and looked at all the photographs. She was one happy excited monkey, for sure, clapping her hands every time we turned a page. I was afraid that she might get upset when she finally realized that there were no pictures of her with Gabriella, but all she said was the next time she sees Gabriella they'll get to play together. I guess she realized that the last time Gabriella was in Miami she was too young to do much more than just lie there and smile.

And oh, yeah! I was one happy excited grandpa! Thanks, Jonathan and Deborah.


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