Sunday, December 23, 2007

News Stands, Almost A Thing Of The Past

Some call them magazine stores, others call them news stands. They usually sell some cigars, and some carry foreign cigarettes and foreign magazines. You can pick up a Miami Herald and a New York Times. There's a great selection of magazines from sports to politics to news to...whatever.
The internet, as much as anything, is killing them off. It's easy enough to check the out of town papers on their web sites. I drove up to Hollywood to visit Janie, and there on Hollywood Circle was a news stand. I couldn't resist! We went in and were looking around, no toy monkeys with us, nothing odd about us at all. I clicked off a few shots like this one. The owner went ballistic. "NO PHOTOS! You can't take photos in my store!" he screamed. We left. I put down the magazine I'd been planning on buying and Janie bought her cigarettes at a 7-11. The owners are killing them off also.


Blogger Kiron Kid said...

A good newsstand is one of th epleasures of this world. Love them.


11:10 PM  

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