Thursday, December 13, 2007

No Coffee, No Bananas?

Monkey himself insisted on going over to the office of The Greater North Miami Chamber Of Commerce. Plans for the annual Christmas party were in the works. He wanted in on the planning. He wasn't about to have to spend another Christmas season listening to Monkette's bitching about the lack of a fresh fruit platter at the Christmas party. Then, he complains, she goes off on these long winded rants about the nerve of humans to try to claim that they had a common ancestor with monkeys. No self respecting monkey would ever dream of having a little get together, let alone a big Cristmas party, without at least one fresh fruit platter.

Monkey's arthritis was bothering him tonight and he decided to stay home. Monkette and I went over to the Chamber of Commerce Christmas bash with my friend Robin. She'd never been to a Chamber function before, let alone anyplace at all with a 65 year old man carrying a toy monkey. She was amazed that not only did everyone there know me but they knew Monkette as well, and several people asked about Monkey's health. Robin is down visiting from Vero Beach, a city perhaps a tad less multicultural than North Miami, and she said that to the best of her knowledge toy monkeys there didn't enjoy quite the respect and access to the Vero Beach political power structure as they do in North Miami.

The food was both excellent and plentiful, everything from curried "beef" (I think it was really goat, but most Americans wouldn't have as much as tasted it if you told them it was goat. Sh-h-h-h! Don't tell anyone.) to nice lean corned beef on rye sandwiches, various salads, fried chicken, Swedish meat balls, and an assortment of pasta dishes. Local restaurants supplied the food.

I guess overall somewhat over a hundred people were there, although some arrived late while others left early. Monkette was probably able to introduce Robin to most everyone who was there. On the way home Monkette wouldn't shut up and stop complaining about the lack of the "promised" fruit platter. I stopped by the house, ran in and grabbed a banana for her on the way to Starbucks. They didn't have any coffee at the party either.


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