Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Surveying The Ongoing Dawn Conundrum

This is another one of those photos that sends my mind reeling off in ten different story directions. Todd Frederick and I were joking the other night about maybe trying to use the same photo for seven days in a row, but every day the story would be different, about something not even considered in the other stories. I've got way too many photographs in my files. We'll stick with the new picture every day format, but perhaps on occasion expand into multiple subjects in the text. Like now:

First off I'd like to congratulate the Google search engine. You've probably noticed the block of ads at the top of this blog. Google supposedly decides which ads to run based on "key words" in the title and text, which makes good sense, targeting the ads at an interested audience. Also, there's usually a couple of days delay before the targeted ads appear, so the ads usually best fit with a post from two or three days ago. Not this time though! No mention at all about fish or fishing, just a picture featuring a mounted sailfish, and BANG!, instantly Google decided to run fishing related ads, no two day delay. Amazing!

The guy in the photo is playing with my alarm panel, making sure that everything is working correctly after installing the sensors on the new windows that had just been put in. After first going through "The Speech" about how much it was going to cost, and how much it just might end up costing if he needed to replace anything, he decided that it was just a matter of moving a few sensors from here to there, it was up and running and no charge "because I didn't really do anything". That's the kind of service call I like!

The living room (as well as the spare bedroom) is still piled high with Dawn's furniture, and there is a mess of full cartons and a closet full of female type clothes cluttering up the house. I rearranged everything to make room for the last truck load to arrive first week of February. Dawn was moving back to Miami from Tampa and we were going to get married, probably in May. Father Philamon Payiatis would bless the union, reception to follow, at the Greek Orthodox church here in North Miami. Nobody , none of her friends, seem to know what the story is, except maybe Dawn herself. She's not talking. All her stuff has been here for nearly a year. I haven't seen her in nearly that long and it's been months since we last talked on the phone. I'd just like to get my house back and stop feeling like I'm living in a storage locker. Time to move on with my life.


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ich bien ein berliner!

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