Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Inside Office ~ Jimmy's Place

When my thoughts head in the direction of food, typical American diner fare, whether it's eggs, sausage patties, and grits for breakfast, a corned beef on rye at lunch, or one of the daily specials at supper time, I usually head over to Jimmy's place. I really prefer Starbucks coffee, plus you can smoke with your coffee on the outside patio at Starbucks. Somehow coffee just tastes better with a cigarette, and recent medical research seems to show that the combination off caffeine and nicotine is good for the brain, increasing both our memory and thinking abilities. Nicotine actually seems to delay the onset of Alzheimers. So I eat at Jimmy's and then head east a block to get my caffeine rush. (Shhhh, one of the waitresses told me that she prefers Starbucks coffee herself!)

I first "met" James Mitchell on the internet Leica Forum at Photo.Net a few years ago. We corresponded via email for several months before he told me that business was bringing him to Miami for a few days. We made arrangements to get together for a day, and since then we've gotten together several times a year, whenever he finds himself in the Miami area.

He's the brains behind the Al Kaplan T-shirt a few years ago. Read all about it! See pictures of people as far away as Australia wearing them. Would any of this have been possible without breakfast at Jimmy's.

I'm way behind on writing this, nearly a day late, it's nearly 6 PM, and writing about Jimmy's Place has me thinking of food...


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