Saturday, November 17, 2007

Are We All Crazy? And A Comment About Red And Blue

We were drinking coffee outside of Starbucks at adjacent tables and started chatting with one another. I have no idea about what, nor do I remember what might have been the significance of those crazy hand signs, but I suppose that it was important at the moment. Who are they? I don't have a clue. I just wish my memory was that good...LOL

Yesterday I was chatting with a neuropsychologist, Dr. Jay Weinstein, and one of the things we were discussing was memory, including the effects of age, any history of seizures (which I've had) and medications you might be taking. Of course repetition aids memory, which is why we make kids recite their ABC's and multiplication tables seemingly endlessly. Also, reading, hearing, and saying the same thing utilizes different parts of the brain. Having the same thing in more than one part of the brain helps us remember.

This photograph was taken after a casual conversation about something, and I guess we exchanged names, and that's about all I remember about it.

It's kind of strange that the bright reds and blues also were in yesterdays post. It was pure happenstance. I didn't notice it until just now.


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