Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm Getting (my) Fat!

I've been a coffee addict since I was a toddler and my grandfather would put some in an egg cup for me. I really loved the taste, and every afternoon he and I would sit at the kitchen table drinking coffee together.

I've always loved sweets also, and donuts were high on my list of favorites until fats and cholesterol became the big evil monster. Donuts are fried! I switched to guava turnovers with nice flakey crusts. I still got my sugar rush but without all the fats. The downside of the sugar rush is the crash that follows. I'd get so drowsy that I couldn't resist taking an afternoon nap.

When my son Jonathan was here visiting a couple of months ago he said that I eat far too much in the way of carbohydrates, both the sweet kind and the just plain starchy kind like pasta, bread, and crackers. He pointed out that my body could soon adapt to a diet higher in proteins and fats, and through a process called ketosis the body converts it to a form that it can use as a source of energy. Suddenly donuts were only half bad. Sure, there is still that sugar and flour to deal with, but there's a lot of nice healthy greasy fat also so my liver can stay busy doing the ketosis thing just like it's supposed to.

There must be some truth to his theory. I'm eating a lot less carbohydrates these days. I'm no longer having the after-every-meal sleepy spells. In general I'm feeling pretty damned good, I haven't gained an ounce, I still get to enjoy the sugar rush, and my hair hasn't started to fall out either.

Lately I've been buying the donuts and then driving the few blocks north to Starbucks to get a real cup of coffee. I know that some people prefer the smooth blandness of the Dunkin' Donuts brew but I'm sure not one of them. I do like the idea that we once more have a real donut shop right here in North Miami, and it's just blocks from my house.


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