Tuesday, November 06, 2007

"...But The Concrete Rubble Is There To Hide The Broken Glass!"

The new windows were installed properly, met code, and passed inspection. What I don't understand is why the contractor didn't just put a tarp or drop cloth down to catch all the rubble and patching concrete, and the mortar used to install the new window sills during the construction. It seems like it would be a lot easier than trying to clean up the mess afterwards.

In one bedroom a glob of wet concrete fell on the carpet, where it hardened into a sizeable chunk, firmly attached to the carpet fibers. A few of the old windows broke in the process of removing them. That concrete rubble in the photograph is all mixed up with shards of glass both big and small, but all nice and sharp and waiting to cut the foot of some unsuspecting child or pet. This photo was taken over a week after the job was supposed to have been completed. Tomorrow, at last, they promised to come over and finish up, do the painting, and pick up the discarded old window sills, rubble and glass from the grass in front of the windows. I sure hope so. It's been too long already!


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