Monday, October 29, 2007

Two Cute Young Ladies

In this photograph the two young ladies and I are looking at some of my pictures on the computer. We're sitting in my dining room and it's maybe six weeks ago. I still had the beard and Vivette hadn't cut my hair as yet. Last week I had to move everything away from the windows so the contractor could install new windows and make a horrible mess. Yup, I took pictures of that too. Scroll down a few posts to see a worker framed in the window.

It's kind of interesting how much the cool daylight entering the room changes the mood of the photo compared to the warm lamp light in the night time picture. The little girl seemed so fascinated by everything, looking all around, taking it all in, but afraid to leave the security of he mommy's lap. I couldn't convince her to come sit on my lap. I told her that my granddaughter Gabriella was almost exactly the same age as she was and perhaps in a few months they could meet and play together. I don't think that she understood anything I said...LOL

Now the new windows are installed and the house is once more clean and reasonably straight and orderly. I bought a couple of cute little stuffed animals for little girls to play with. For now they're sitting next to Monkey, the toy from my own childhood, and Monkette, the girl Monkey that Todd fixed him up with when he flew out to San Francisco a few months ago.


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