Sunday, October 28, 2007

Harvest Time At The Flashback Diner

During the ten years or so that Vivette and I lived together every Saturday night after she closed her beauty salon we'd always drive up to the Flashback Diner in Hallandale. For the past six years I rarely went there unless I was in the neighborhood for some reason.

I met Janie at an outdoor concert in North Miami a couple of years ago when she was living at an assisted living facility right across the street from Jimmie's Place. On occasion I'd run into her at Jimmie's. She doesn't drive. Maybe six months ago she was moved to an assisted living facility in Hollywood, perhaps a mile north of where Flashback is located. Now when I'm heading up that way I make plans to take her to Flashback. This was shot about a month ago. They'd decorated the diner with traditional fall harvest decorations, including these two cute little scarecrows.

Janie always complains about the food at the home but she loves the things on Flashback's menu. Their coffee is decent too, but we usually stop at a Starbucks on the drive back and get some "real" coffee.


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