Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Exquisitely Landscaped Patio Area In The Rear

Four guys moved the boat trailer out of the driveway, pushing it by hand so they could back a truck in the drive. After the roof was completed the carpenter doing the eaves and soffits, as well as the window guy wanted to leave the boat where it was until everything was complete so they could use the driveway. All kinds of promises that it would be moved back. The roofing trash is now gone, the carpentry finished, the windows in, but the boat is still there, and it's positioned in such a way that I can't get the truck in front to hitch it up and move it myself, my long ladder went bye-bye in somebody's truck, and the window contractor, Turn-Key Construction Services, left old window sills, chunks of concrete, window packaging, etc., where ever it fell in the yard.
They also managed to drip wet concrete on the carpet where it hardened in place. At least he sent a woman over to clean up all the plaster and concrete dust that was everyplace inside the house.
They broke one of the old window panels while removing it and left all the broken pieces in the grass. It would have been nice if they'd at least mentioned it so I wouldn't maybe go walking barefoot in the grass? Oh well, I noticed the glass pieces glinting in the sun light. I got down on my knees gingerly feeling around between the grass blades with my fingers. I hope that it's all picked up.I sure wouldn't want my little grandaughter slicing open her foot.
I'm hoping that Turn-Key Construction Services comes back and picks up the rest of the mess they left behind, and that somebody moves the boat trailer back on the driveway where it belongs. Until then the job just ain't finished.


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