Monday, October 15, 2007

North Miami Finally Hits Paydirt!

Biscayne Landings, a luxury condominium development, is being built on the former Graves Tract here in North Miami. If you really want to read the history behind it here's a Price Of Silver entry from February of this year:

What going on in this photograph? Well, Biscayne Landings has to contribute part the profits they make on selling those luxury condos towards building or rehabilitating moderate income housing in North Miami. It's a partnership with Biscayne landings because it's on city owned land. I'm sure that George Bush would think it most unAmerican for the city to be taking from the rich to give to the poor but we think it's a good idea. Here the Biscayne Landings big shots are handing over a ceremonial check to the mayor and council, hopefully the first of many. I suspect that we got a more normal sized check to deposit at the bank.


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