Thursday, October 11, 2007

Shapes, Masses, And Colors

I got an email or two from both the North Miami Chamber of Commerce and the bank announcing the grand opening reception of the new branch office in North Miami. I thought that I'd check out the place, and possibly even move my account over there. The idea of a bank with long hours during the week, as well as being open on Sunday, has a certain amount of appeal to it. Also, my parsimonious New England upbringing tends to lead me towards sources of free food. Bank grand openings usually have gourmet fare. I was looking forward to it and I wasn't dissapointed.

From a photographic standpoint I was intrigued by the way the colors of both the bank and the police car matched one another so well, while the slightly different shade of blue in my shirt on the left was mirrored by the blue in the building in the background on the right. I enjoy the way the extreme wide angle of the 15mm lens accentuates the diagonals, and lately I've been trying to work more and more with compositions of the major dark and light masses in the picture. It really wouldn't matter what the things were. The composition only depends on the light and dark areas working together with one another, and I managed to accomplish all this on an empty stomach. By the time my tummy was full, and I'd flirted with all of the ladies, it was too dark outside for pictures. I headed over to Starbucks for some good strong coffee.


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