Sunday, October 14, 2007

Summer Dreams

For a year or two back around 1980 a lot of the covers I shot for The Mall At 163rd Street's advertising pieces featured this guy in white face wearing a black bow tie, red wig and a bright red beret. It wasn't my idea! Anyway, we set up the shot in one of the department stores in the mall, probably Jordan Marsh, and it was shot on Ektachrome with a Hasselblad.

The brochure is 32 pages of ads for the various stores in the mall. Benetton, whose slogan was "United Colors Of Benetton" has a few African Americans mixed in to a group photo of ten people. Parklane Swimwear has one model who looks Asian. The center double page spread, titled Fashion News, has four photographs. The one showing three toddlers includes one black boy. Everybody else is white. Times sure have changed!

This was put together and printed by Hughes Ad House in Laguna Hills, CA and distributed as a direct mail piece. All the other brochures I did for the Mall At 163rd Street were distributed as an insert section in the Sunday Miami Herald. The Herald did a much better job of printing than the printer that Hughes used.


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