Friday, October 12, 2007

Nobody's Calling 'Cause The Sky Is Falling...

A late afternoon thunderstorm not only cleared the outside patio, it discouraged everyone from even stopping off and having a coffee inside. There was about nobody to talk with and a major reason for hanging out at Starbucks is being around people, talking with the ones you know and meeting the ones you don't. So here I was, sitting next to my coffee and trying to find something of interest to read out of the magazine bin between the two big black chairs.

Coffee houses were so much friendlier and more interesting when they still allowed smoking. Pipes were popular and filled the air with exotic aromas. You'd be offered the opportunity to fill your bowl with a new blend and jump on it, knowing full well that to really get the correct flavor you'd need to clean out the gloop from inside the stem, ream the char from the bowl, and "season" the pipe by smoking three or four bowls worth of the new blend. Still, it'd be a different taste than your regular blend, and who could resist that? Now pipe shops are a thing of the past. At best you'll find a few old standby blends at the drugstore, but there's no longer a display of Kaywoodie and Yello-Bowl briar pipes up by the register.

When the rain let up a bit I ran out to the truck, lit up, and drove home. If I'm going to be alone at least I want to be able to have a smoke with my coffee.


Blogger Niels H. S. Nielsen said...

Hi Al,
Perhaps this has been suggested before, but have you considered renaming your blog to "The Price of Silver and Coffee"? I imagine that you have a significant coffee budget.
I wondering if you make coffee at home, and if so - which technique you use; drip, espresso, french press....?

Regards from denmark

4:21 AM  
Blogger Al Kaplan said...

Since I live alone I have a little 4 cup (2 mugs really) electric drip coffee maker. I have a bigger one for when I have guests. I grew up drinking coffee made by putting the coffee in a pot of boiling water where it cooked for a couple of minutes before being poured through a strainer into the cup. I really prefer the taste but it's a hassle to do it that way. One of my grandmothers used to add the milk right after turning the burner off, while the grounds were still simmering in the pot.

My grandfather used to put a couple of spoonfulls of his coffee in a tiny cup for me when I was two years old. I've been addicted for a long time. It's about all I drink. I'm always walking around with a cup in hand, and a cup is in the cup holder when I'm driving. A thermos goes in the boat with me when I'm fishing.

And of course I smoke unfiltered home rolled cigarettes. I'm three weeks away from turning 65 and the doc says that my lungs are clear as are my arteries, my heart sounds good, blood pressure at the low end of the normal range, pulse steady, cholesterol level is OK, no excess fat on me, and I'm not losing my hair.

9:37 AM  

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