Friday, October 19, 2007

Not Hydroponics But It Is The Pot Department At The North Miami Home Depot

My son Jonathan came to visit a few weeks ago, timing his trip perfectly to coincide with the big air conditioner in the living room to start acting up. Instead of water dripping out of a little spout in the back onto the grass below it was oozing out the bottom edge of the front, wetting the wall below and forming a big puddle on the tile floor. We tried cleaning out the inside, trying to get an uninterupted pathway for the water to go where it was supposed to go, but to no avail.

The unit was at least 12 years old so a new one seemed in order. We found one at a reasonable price at Brandsmart and I called "Joe Your Handyman" to install it. Joe has been doing various things for me and my friends and neighbors going back more than twenty years now. If somebody makes a tool Joe has one. If something around the house needs fixing Joe knows how. He's fast, reliable, and too damned busy! We had a four day wait ahead of us for the new AC to be installed. Four days of mopping and wet towels underfoot. Yuck! Then Jonathan's brilliant mind caused him to say "Let's go to Home Depot, Dad!" Thankfully the one here in North Miami is close by.

We were in the Home Depot garden shop and he picked up a plastic window box (see the photo) about as long as the dripping area under the AC. When we got home and mopped up again we set the thing on the floor against the wall. It wasn't perfect, it didn't catch all the water, and it needed to be emptied a couple times a day, but it worked! Thanks, Jonathan.

A few days later Joe's van appeared in front of the house and in short order I had a brand new non-dripping air conditioner humming away. Thanks, Joe.


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