Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Serious Business At The New Bank In Town

Bank Atlantic was holding a grand opening party for their new North Miami branch and the Greater North Miami Chamber of Commerce had let everybody know about it. They wanted to assure a decent turnout. Mayor Kevin Burns (left) is also president of the Chamber and Penny Valentine (center, holding Monkette) has pretty much run the place as far back as I can remember.

Monkette had agreed to attend the party after I told her that yes, I had checked, and there would be a fresh fruit platter including bananas along with the other munchies. I think that she was still holding a bit of a grudge against Kevin for not having any fresh fruit at his victory party way back in May, so it had been a long time since she'd last attended a civic function around here.

One thing I think is cool about this photo is the way the Bank Atlantic name on the back wall is so perfectly centered between my chin and that blonde guy's head in the background. I mean, I was holding the camera out at arm's length, framing the shot b'guess 'n b'gosh, but somehow I got the entire name showing.

But back on topic. Kevin had chewed me out a few months back for getting a haircut. "I almost didn't recognize you!" he shouted across Starbucks' patio as he went through the drive-thru lane. I started letting it grow again, and then I grew a beard after seeing my son Jonathan sporting one. Soon Penny started in on me with a "Why are you growing that disgusting thing?" Every time I'd see her it was "When are you going to shave that ugly thing off?", and sometimes she'd follow up with a "You really need a haircut too!" because my curly locks were growing back. Gotta keep the mayor happy!

So here we all are, and what with the music and the chatter of dozens of people I really can't hear clearly what Penny and the mayor are discussing. City business? Chamber Business? The new bank? Nope. On the drive home Monkette told me. Penny and Kevin were in a heated argument about whether or not I needed a haircut. It's good to know that both the Chamber of Commerce and the mayor are so concerned with serious business like that. The city is in good hands.


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