Sunday, November 04, 2007

649 or 650?

I'm always intrigued by so called vanity license tags. In this case my name is really Alan so MRALAN 2 really caught my eye. Of course I'll always be Mr Alan 1, but my Mommy taught me to share. No, I never did meet the other Alan.

Tonight was supposed to be the 650th consecutive day of The Price Of Silver but it's only 649. Due to a screw-up nothing got posted yesterday. Still, judging by other blogs I check it seems that people are really very casual about posting on any kind of schedule. Days or weeks go by between posts.

I really get a kick from the people that stumble upon this blog by mere happenstance while doing a Google search for something or another, and how they complain about how many hours they've been caught up in reading it. If you were to spend perhaps 5 minutes reading each post and looking at the photograph it would take you a bit over 54 hours to read, start to finish. Have fun!


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