Friday, November 02, 2007

Another Boring Evening

People seem so much friendlier during daylight hours. That make winter even more boring. If I head out for an evening cup of coffee I run into plenty of people that I know, but after the usual "Howya doin'?" pleasantries they're back into reading a half read novel or doing business related stuff on their laptop or some such. The World Wide Web is for real, and it has totally destroyed the concept of "during normal business hours".

We can exchange emails with folks in Hawaii, Australia, or Japan, for instance, at times that used to find most of us visiting dreamland. Myself, I seldom bring work (I don't own a laptop) or anything to read. There's usually at least a still unread section or two of the Miami Herald, or perhaps even the New York Times, hiding in the magazine rack. If all else fails I just enjoy watching other people as they come and go, involved in whatever. People are indeed fascinating creatures.


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