Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Quick Trim Please ~ Love Hurts

If you've been wondering about the real reason I ended up with that huge mass of curly locks, well I'd only had one haircut in a year and I was less than thrilled with what I got over at Ray's Barber Shop. I guess if I went there a few times they would have "got it right", but I figured what the hell. I let it grow. It looked cool in pictures anyway.

For fifteen years Vivette had cut it, ten while we lived together and five more after she decided we should live seperately. She'd call me to remind me to come in for a haircut if I hadn't been in for awhile. She'd call me if I didn't call her everyday to make sure that I was OK. We went out to dinner every Saturday night, but she paid her own way. She still had framed photographs of the two of us together all over the salon. Her brother who was my accountant, along with all of her friends, kept telling me to "Hang in there she still loves you".

What I did know was that I still loved her and nothing was changing. She didn't want to live with me anymore. Five years of sleeping alone is long enough! I stopped seeing her. I stopped calling her. I stopped answering when she called me. I let my hair grow. Finally my ex-wife Claudia convinced me to give it another try. She and Vivette are best friends. Claudia called and made the appointment. I kind of miss the curls and I now know that I still love Vivette, but I survived the experience and it was a great haircut. That was three weeks ago. I haven't called yet for another appointment. I expect that Claudia will though.


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