Sunday, November 11, 2007

Yamaha Gets Beat At North Miami's Veterans Day Ceremonies

I went to Starbucks this morning, bought a Sunday paper and a "tall coffee", and I was sitting there outside on the patio by the drive-thru minding my business when I heard the familiar "Hey Al, what are you doing here?" followed by "Why aren't you over at the Veterans' Day ceremonies?" It was the mayor's partner, so I headed over to Griffing Park, shot a fair amount pictures of the things that were happening, from a group of marching drummers to a group of girls who were high stepping and gyrating to the rythm of the drums. I found it a bit ironic that we had so many World War II vets and the big bass drum had "Yamaha" printed on the drum heads, there for all to see. I shook lots of hands, and exchanged a cheek kiss or three with a few older ladies that I've known about forever.

Then we all went across the street to the community center for refreshments. I had a couple of sections of roast beef sub sandwich with a can of Coke, an orange, and some grapes. They had turkey subs as well. There was no coffee, and I was glad that I'd left Monkey at home because there were no fresh fruit platters. By then I was too stuffed to have a piece of cake. I'll probably still be too stuffed to eat dinner tonight, but by ten or so tonight I'll be wishing that I'd wrapped a piece of cake in a napkin..

I shot a couple of rolls of color film things like the honor guard, a girls drill team, a marching band, and way too many people making patriotic speeches. Mayor Burns five year old daughter Autumn was so cute when some soldiers marched out in front carrying chrome barreled shotguns to shoot off a few volleys of blanks. She covered her ears with her hands, closed her eyes, and had a big grimmace on her face. It was very obvious the she doesn't care for loud noises.

I finished one roll that I'd started a few days ago and shot another. There was already a finished roll here at the house, so I can get the "second roll processed for 50% off" deal or more likely "pay for two, get the third roll free". In a week or two I'll be posting some of the shots here.


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