Friday, November 16, 2007

Open Nights And Weekends

Pretty odd for a bank really, but the idea intrigued me ever since they had their grand opening party a few weeks earlier, plus they had some really good munchies at the party and gave out handy little flashlights that have the AA batteries side by side instead of in a row, so the thing really is pocketable.

Equitable Bank, after my twenty some years of loyalty, had decided to start charging me a monthly service fee. Bank Atlantic offered free checking as long as I had at least one direct deposit check a month coming in. I switched my Social Security and got a handy little canvas duffel bag in my choice of two colors, and they even credited me for the cost of my unused checks from the Equitable acount.. In this shot we'd just set up the account and I'd gotten a bunch of bank literature about their services and a pad of ten starter checks (not imprinted with my name). A few days later the real checks arrived in the mail.

I'm really amazed at how accurately I lined up the camera with the bottom edge of that sign outside the window considering that I wasn't looking through the finder. I was shooting with my usual 15mm lens.


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