Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"The Devil Made Me Do It" ~ Politics And Pet Turkeys

666 is supposedly the "Sign Of The Devil". This is the six hundred sixty sixth post on The Price Of Silver.

All of which has nothing to do with the picture of a group of us chatting politics in the plaza next to City Hall and in front of North Miami's Museum of Contemporary Art, usually just called MOCA. This was several months back, probably around July Fourth, judging by the American flag in my pocket and the length of my hair before my ex wife teamed up with my former girlfriend who then dragged me into her salon and gave me a haircut. I think that they're the only two people in town who prefer seeing me with short hair. That really long bunch of "hair" sticking up on the top of my head is actually the fronds on a palm tree behind me.

I wish that I'd thought about it sooner but back about 1975 or so I took a picture here of the mayor and the president of the Chamber of Commerce holding a live turkey. I think there was a sign that used to announce city events saying something about the Thanksgiving Day Parade. I still have all the negatives, but the picture that I'd want to use is one I took while we were waiting for them to get there. I already had the turkey. My five year old daughter Elena was walking him up and down the sidewalk on a leash. THAT was a picture.

Now we have a mayor, Kevin Burns, who has a daughter named Autumn. She's about the same age that Elena was back then. I'm going to suggest to him that for next year we get a photo of Autumn walking a turkey down 125th Street in front of the museum. It would make for a cute picture!


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