Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gabriella's Monkey ~ Her Monkey's First Adventure

My favorite childhood toy was a monkey. Some of my earliest memories are playing with it. I think I gave him a name but it's long forgotten. I still have him though. A few years ago I started taking him around town and taking photos of him in various places. On this blog I've just been calling him Monkey.

Fourteen months ago I became a grandfather. My son Jonathan and his wife Deborah had little Gabriella. Ever since that day I've been looking around for a toy monkey for her. A few weeks ago I finally found one! Just in time to give her for Hanukah.

When the guys from Turn Key Construction Services finished installing my new windows I grabbed Gabriella's monkey and posed them in front of the house. That's Romulo Vallejo, the company vice president, standing in the center feeling silly holding a toy monkey...LOL. Since this was taken they finished painting around the windows and put up tracks for the storm shutters.

I'm planning on taking this cute little monkey around town before she flies up to Boston and meets Gabriella and getting a few photos in various places. Maybe at the city council meeting Tuesday night? Why not! Monkey has attended a few, and his lady friend Monkette even sat up there in the council chambers with me during a Board of Adjustment meeting. (They wouldn't let her vote though.) Some day Gabriella might be crediting her toy monkey for her interest in politics.


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