Monday, November 26, 2007

Cool Hair! But Does She Have any Tatoos? The Punk Urban Cow.

No, it's not a menage a trois! They're just good friends. But even this friendship might soon be coming to an end. Tomorrow night (27 November 2007) at the North Miami City Council meeting there's an item on the agenda that would ban farm animals from living in the city. But what exactly is a farm animal? Some people live on farms. Are those people considered farm animals? Wouldn't a cow living in a suburban residential neighborhood be a suburban animal? A suburban resident maybe?

The other thing that they hope to ban tomorrow night is the feeding of "stray cats". Some bleeding heart do gooders are upset at the occasional small bird or squirrel that the cats catch. Better, they think, to stop feeding them? Yeah, right! Then they'll have to catch the birds and squirrels whenever they get hungry. The wild native possums and racoons that live all over town likely kill even more of them. We even have a few urban foxes sighted on rare occasions. The cats mostly concentrate their efforts on easy prey like mice and the small native rats. Nobody misses them, for sure! If this ordinance passes we'll be asking the feds for a grant to hire the Pied Piper of Hamblin...


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