Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Shameful Condition Of Al Kaplan's Lawn

It's got some grass. Probably half a dozen varieties of grass. I have no idea how many species of weeds are mixed in with the grass, but whether weed or grass there's no ganga growing there (damn!). I never water it, never fertilize it, never spray it for chinch bugs. I never rake the leaves or the grass clippings. They get nicely mulched next time the grass is cut. It's just a natural organic plot of land that stays green year 'round, rain or no rain, like a good lawn should. Drought resistant! Bug resistant!

The bothersome problem is needing to cut it. I much prefer paying a neighborhood kid to contracting a lawn service. It gives them pocket money and keeps them out of mischief, not to mention that it costs less money. The City of North Miami might try doing likewise. The next post down shows the overgrown mess at the park on North Bayshore Drive.

The photos I took of the park should keep the Code Enforcement Nazis off my back next time the neighborhood kid is home sick with the flu.


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