Monday, December 10, 2007

"Wow, That Is Wide!" The North Side Of The Column

It was a grey day with scattered showers and the uncovered part of the patio outside of Starbucks was full of rather wet tables and chairs. I went north of the column and took a seat in front of the juice place. I find it odd that all these various little shops, selling everything you could imagine from fancy coffees to chicken and rice each have their own distinctive tables and chairs. The juice place takes their tables and chairs in at night but nobody else seems to lose anything more than ashtrays. Ashtrays all grow legs and walk within a day or two.

With the shortage of seats that day I asked this young lady to join me as I was sitting alone at a table for four. She seemed interested in my camera and asked what I was taking pictures of. I explained about my self-portrait project. Since I don't sight through the viewfinder anyway I let her look through it while I clicked off a few frames. I gave her a card with thepriceofsilver address and told her that she just might be here in a couple of weeks. Well, she is!

The topic of our conversation? The fact that for whatever strange force rules the universe it still amazes me that total strangers will pick pretty much the same color clothes to wear on a given day. Three people who don't know one another, never even met before, sitting just a few feet apart wearing essentially the same shade of pinkish orange. We had no idea why.


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