Saturday, December 15, 2007

Now Monkette Wants Her Own Cell Phone COMPANY!

It all started a few hours ago with Claudia calling to ask if we'd seen the latest AT&T commercials yet. I reminded her that I only have a tiny battery powered black & white TV that she'd bought me so I could stay abreast of the weather after a hurricane had knocked out the power, and that I very rarely watch television anyway. I asked her what was going on.

It seems that AT&T has started broadcasting a new series of commercial featuring a businessman who travels around with his daughter's toy monkey, the toy monkey in the TV commercial is a twin of Monkette, and he photographs her in various locations as he travels around the country. Supposedly he also manages to get himself in some of the pictures with the toy monkey. Does that sound anything at all like The Price Of Silver over the last couple of years? Of course I'm much more handsome and better looking than the guy in the AT&T commercials (at least that's what everybody told me), but his daughter's toy monkey looks exactly like Monkette.

As the hours passed my email box filled up (and kept REfilling) with emails from other people telling me about AT&T's flagrant rip-off of Monkette's adventures. Suggestions of lawyers to contact, legal strategy, etc., flooded in.

I took Monkette over to Starbucks. We both badly needed a cup of coffee, and we both seem to think more clearly over there. She was really starting to get all excited, thinking that at last she might have her very own cell phone. I told her that with a bit of luck she just might have her very own cell phone COMPANY! When we got back to the house we sent out some emails to people we knew in the advertising business asking for their suggestions. Being a weekend I suppose any action will have to await Monday's arrival

In the meantime Monkette is driving me absolutely bonkers with her excitement, telling me that she no longer cares that organic bananas cost double what ordinary bananas sell for. Nothing but the best for her. She also wants to start dressing fancier. So far I haven't been able to explain to her that our friend Todd Frederick, who helps with posting the blog photographs, lives in the San Francisco area, and that he has no connections whatsoever with that world famous fashion house Fredericks of Hollywood.


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