Tuesday, December 18, 2007

In The Days Of My Youth...

...I couldn't gain an ounce, I was skinny as a rail, and my mother thought that she was a failure as a mother because it looked as if she was intentionally starving me. The years passed, I grew taller, but I still looked like I was being deprived of food.

Jimmy's Place even has a sign proclaiming Good Food. It's what I like to refer to as Standard North American Diner Fare, with perhaps a bit of bias towards Southern tastes. The waitresses doesn't freak out when you request gravy on your fries. A huge corn muffin with butter is one of the standard options for bread with dinner. If you should order clam chowder she'll tell you right off that it is NOT New England style with milk, no need to ask, as if New England style is a concoction from outer space, unfit for human consumption.

Hell, I try to eat. My biggest problem, I think, is that I really never experience the feeling of being hungry. Sure, I can feel low blood sugar. I know the symptoms. And I also know that a hand full of gum drops will make them go away, while having no nutritional value whatsoever.

Lately Doctor Katz has been on my case. Last office visit I was down to 154 pounds. I have another appointment tomorrow morning. I'm planning on taking Monkette with me for some "doctor's office" photos but I doubt if he'll let me hold my toy monkey on the scale (every little bit helps). Supposedly I'm supposed to be getting back to the 165 to 170 pound range. So here I am at Jimmy's Place scarfing down a salisbury steak with onions, green beans, mashed potatoes, and I had no room for the corn muffin and butter so I took it home for later. And YES!, I did eat it later, as well as two Devil Dogs with a Coke. Still, I doubt if I'll weigh any more in the morning.

Technical note: For this photograph I didn't hold the camera in my hands, obviously. It was sitting on top of my water glass and the exposure was made with the self timer.


Blogger Andrés Borbón said...

Nice post, Al. You are fortunate to be skinny. I used to weight 130-140 pounds in my years of marathoning, but this is in the past. Today, I have to strugle with the weight. Is not a big problem, but I have to be aware of it.

The photo is REALLY nice. You look so concentrated that I thought it was made without your knowledge.

You are a good actor.

This blog is one of my daily readings. I am suscribed to it (via RSS) and enjoy every post, every Photo and every comment.

Thanks, and excuse (again) my poor english.

12:41 AM  

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