Friday, December 21, 2007

Really Stumped!

Yeah, I was stumped a few weeks ago when crews came along, tagged mature trees that the city had planted along the east side of N.E. 14th Ave. during a massive city wide tree planting program back in the early 1970's, then a few days later started chainsawing them into four foot long sections, filling truck after truck with branches and leaves.

Heavier pieces of trunk made it into the truck with a bit of help from a front end loader. In this shot the remains of the stump had been removed from the ground and the odds and ends were being run through a chipper. Just bare ground and wood chips remained.

Florida Power & Light, the electric company in these parts, is planning to install a series of humongous eighty foot tall concrete poles along the west side of 14th Ave. There are trees all along that side too. Did they remove the wrong row of trees? Nobody is forthcoming with answers. I miss those trees though.


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