Saturday, December 29, 2007

Seeing Red ~ Feeling Blue

Monkette wasn't exactly thrilled when Robin insisted that she stay in the truck while we went grocery shopping. "It's raining out" she said. "You'll catch your death of a cold if you go outside and get wet!" Monkette protested "It's not raining now. See? The sun is shining!"

Robin has this stubborn streak, the attitude that she's bigger, smarter, and having already raised a daughter, she knows what she's doing. Robin won. Monkette sat in the truck and pouted.

Robin is used to shopping in a Wynn Dixie market in Vero Beach so she decided that we should go to a Wynn Dixie market here. "They have better meats!" Well, they bill themselves as The Meat People, but since they closed the nearby Wynn Dixie about ten years ago I've learned that other meat is edible. Then a couple of years ago they closed another Wynn Dixie a few miles away when they built a new giant modern market a mile or so east of that one, perfectly located for convenient access by the residents of the upscale neighborhoods of Sunny Isles Beach (those condo towers in the distance), Eastern Shores, and Aventura.

So here was poor little Monkette locked in the truck after being so excited about getting to go shopping with Robin and visiting one of those fabled Wynn Dixie Supermarkets for the very first time. When Robin comes back to visit again in a couple of weeks she promised to take Monkette shopping at Walmart. In the meantime Monkette has been dropping hints that maybe I could take her shopping at Wynn Dixie? Hell, I just might.


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