Sunday, December 30, 2007

Monkette ~ Getting The Ear Of A Politician

There's that old saying about it's not what you know, it's who you know, and Monkette has become really fascinated with the political machinations here in North Miami ever since she got involved in helping Mayor Kevin Burns get re-elected this past May. Councilman Scott Galvin had drawn no opposition and got himself another four year term the easy way. The cheap way too! It saved him a fortune in throwing parties, buying signs, designing campaign buttons, and placing newspaper ads.

Monkette decided that Scott was the rising star that would let her move on to bigger and better campaigns. She told me that he has what it takes, everything from the good looks to the quick wit, a winsome smile and a winning personality. One potential glitch in her plans is the fact that the city's elections are in May and just about every other election takes place in November. "I though of that too!" she said. "I found your stash of those nineteen year old "Elect Al Kaplan To North Miami City Council" buttons. You can run for the balance of his term on the city council." There's no arguing with that girl either!

The Greater North Miami Chamber of Commerce Christmas Party found Monkette wearing one of those old Elect Al Kaplan campaign buttons, a semi-subliminal message to the voters, as Scott carried her around the room riding on his shoulder, an endorsement of sorts. My lady friend Robin had never attended one of these parties before, and I kept impressing on her that this was not your normal Chamber of Commerce Christmas party. North Miami IS different. And for the first time in history there was a fresh fruit platter on the refreshment table. I guess Monkette had been whispering in the caterer's ear also. She's really looking forward to holding a Christmas party in the governor's mansion in a few years.


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