Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Playing To The Camera

Monkette was a bit miffed when she found out that we'd be having a house guest for a week in December. She wants all the attention for herself, and she knew that there'd be lots of parties from a week or so before Christmas right on through New Years. After we met Robin at the Greyhound station , where Monkette sat pouting in my truck waiting for the bus, Robin assured her that we wouldn't sneak off and attend any parties without her. I also reminded her that word had spread throughout North Miami that ALL parties had to include a fresh fruit platter, and that bananas were mandatory!

Monkette reminded me that Robin had told her that she gave up smoking and would prefer that I refrain from lighting up around Robin. I guess it's a "monkey thing" but somehow Monkette had gotten it into her head that if I wore a T-shirt showing me smoking, one with big clouds of smoke blowing out of my mouth, the picture alone would satisfy my nicotine craving.

Robin looked great in that dress and I got to wear the T-shirt featuring Marc Williams' photo of me that he shot at a South Beach sidewalk cafe a couple of years ago. "Wear your Miccosukee Indian jacket!" she said. "It'll add some color to your outfit. Just leave it unzipped." So there I was, wearing "cigarette smoke" on my chest while Monkette and Robin just glowed with pride for being my dates for the evening. I was glowing too, having two sexy ladies with me.

Sometime between now and next Christmas season I'm going to take a photo of a nice big juicy hand of fresh bananas and get some little Monkette sized T-shirts printed up. Then if we go to a party where there are no bananas on the fruit platter I can just point at her chest and say "Yes there are. I see a whole bunch of them right here!"


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