Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Burr House ~ A Return Visit

The 100 year old Burr house isn't set back all that far from the road, and my guess is that this section of N.E. 16th Ave. in North Miami pretty much follows the alignment of the original Dixie Highway, U.S. Route 1, that's now a multi lane highway a block to the east of here. I'd been here a couple of days earlier when Mr. Burr had hosted the North Miami Historical Society at a party in celebration of the house hitting the century mark. I got the impression that if the house hadn't stayed with the Burr family all these years it would have been torn down to make way for apartments.

It had originally been the Burr farm back when this was all agricultural land to the north of the City of Miami, and North Miami didn't exist at all. The land now contains several well maintained two story apartment buildings with plenty of landscaping around them, and the original house has had the interior remodeled a bit and is now used as offices for the apartment complex.

I wanted to get a photograph of the house as it might have looked a century ago when this was still farm land. On the day of the party it sure didn't look like a century ago, not with people wandering about wearing modern attire, and Toyotas and Hondas and BMW's parked outside. I came back a few days later, the place was deserted, and I was able to find a viewpoint where the apartment buildings wouldn't show up in the photograph. I was very happy with the result.


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