Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What's This? Bananas Don't Count?

I had to stop taking Monkette to city council meetings for fear of her getting too upset and boisterous at one of these awards ceremonies. Every few meetings the mayor (that's Mayor Kevin Burns up there in the khaki pants), council, and other officials gather in front of the podium and give out plaques to one or more citizens for their contributions to the city.

The one official who never manages to get in a picture is Pam Solomon, the city's director of public relations. She gets to stand there staring at the back of her digital camera, recording the event for use by newspapers and various newsletters around town. Well, now she's in a picture with a world-wide internet following. Everyone can stare at the back of Pam Solomon! Congratulations, Pam!

So why is Monkette so upset? After months of bitching and complaining both here and in person she's finally gotten the powers that be to include a fresh fruit platter along with the toothpick speared sub sandwich slices and bits of pastry served on the buffet table at various events around town, and a lot of the civic minded ladies, much healthier eaters than men, for sure, are grateful for that. Hell, I like some nice icey cold mellon slices myself. It helps cleanse the mouth of that greasy icky aftertaste of luncheon meats that have been sitting between the two halves of a sub roll for way too long.

Well, somehow she got this crazy idea in her head that after all her efforts in getting the mayor re-elected last May she should start getting a little more respect around city hall. Perhaps some recognition for her single handed efforts to get the city on a healthier life style, eating lots of fresh fruit, that sort of thing (and we'll leave out the running around nude part)! So far it hasn't happened. People just don't seem to think that eating healthy is as important as zoning changes or what to do about rickety elevators or what kind of activities we should offer in our parks.


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