Saturday, January 26, 2008

Stripping On The Roof ~ Dirty Dancing?

It had been a couple of years since Katrina and Wilma paid us a visit. Thankfully the eyes of both hurricanes missed a direct hit to North Miami, but we still had plenty of limbs and trees down all over town. One tree near a corner of the house didn't quite lose a large branch. It only half-way broke and came down on the roof where the wind must have been blowing it back and forth for awhile. With each pass it lifted up the flaps of some of the shingles, finally breaking off quite a few of them. There was no leaking, but it looked pretty bad.

Of course the damage was less than the deductable on the insurance. I figured to hell with how it looked, and you really had to be looking to notice it, but since the roof wasn't leaking perhaps it might be best to just leave it be.

When the city came up with this deal for loans I jumped on it. A new roof, and if I'm still living here after seven years the entire loan will be forgiven. Who can argue with that? Such a deal!

They have some huge tarps handy just in case it starts to rain but it didn't that day. This guy was up on the roof early in the morning stripping off all the old shingles, then the underlying roofing felt, or tar paper as some call it. That's what this guy was doing. What a mess in the yard! A few rotten boards were replaced, new felt tacked down, and new shingles stapled in place. A total time of 7 or 8 hours start to finish! The next day they came back and did the flat roofs on the porch and utility room. Felt and hot asphalt! What a stink! And what a mess on the porch where bits of the old felt and dried out asphalt had fallen through the spaces between the boards! Anyway, it's all cleaned up now, even the bits and pieces of shingles that were in the grass.


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