Monday, January 28, 2008

Another Holiday Party ~ Free Food And Fruit Punch

Twas the season to be jolly. For perhaps three or four weeks, through Christmas and leading up till New Years, Monkette and I managed to stuff ourselves just about every day at a free buffet table someplace or another courtesy of some one of the organizations that I've gotten roped into volunteering my time and expertise.

Monkette is a very social little toy monkey and enjoys both the networking and the fresh fruit platters and fruit punch. This is the first year when fresh fruit platters were a featured item. People were getting tired of hearing her endless complaining.

As for myself, anything that'll help me stretch my meager Social Security check is welcome, and the eats at these spreads is usually borderline gourmet quality, if tooth pick impaled slices of sub sandwiches can be considered gourmet fare. For the most part the pastries are superb and a fresh fruit platter simply has to consist of fresh fruit.

I guess I might have looked a bit odd walking around with Monkette, so I thought that why even bother with "business casual" attire. My Indian friends consider a traditional patchwork jacket just fine with slacks, white shirt, and a neck tie as formal business attire, so I figured that the T-shirt with that ugly photo of me would bring things down a notch into the realm of "casual". Monkette agreed. We had a great time stuffing our faces and chatting with old friends, even making a few new ones along the way.


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