Monday, February 04, 2008

Confirming The Cataract

Now with medicare picking up the tab I was making the rounds of the medical specialists. It had probably been at least ten years since I'd last had a thorough eye exam. It was about six months since I'd become aware that my left eye wasn't seeing as well as it had been. In dim light I could see pretty good with it but in bright light everything was getting fuzzy. In both cases though, the fuzzy was in the center, not at the extreme edges of my vision when looking straight ahead. I surmised that I was getting a small cataract smack dab in the middle.

In dim light the pupil was big enough to let in plenty of light around the edges of the cataract. Bright light made for a tiny pupil, and I was left with trying to see through the cataract. The doc agreed with me, but said at this point it wasn't worth doing anything about it. I also told him that it had gradually been getting better again. My vision was improving and I could read with the left eye once more."Impossible!" he replied, but it's continued to improve since then. It makes me wonder if perhaps haircuts cause cataracts.


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