Saturday, February 02, 2008

Nicholas The Storyteller

I first met Nicholas the Story Teller at the Luna Star Cafe across the street from North Miami City Hall. He was wearing a long robe and looked straight out of the twelve hundreds, the kind of man you might expect to see walking down a wooded path in the Sherwood Forest in an old black and white Robin Hood movie.

Recently I discovered that he and I both eat at Jimmeys Place, but he tends to eat an hour or so earlier than I do. On this particular night I was hungry early, and there he was! He even has this strange little pale faced creature that gets to ride around in his van with him. He's standing right there on the table telling a story to Monkette as she sits at his feet in rapt attention.

In addition to performing at the Luna Star Cafe and elsewhere he also entertains at childrens' parties. Here's a link to his website. Be sure to tell him that Monkette and Al referred you!


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