Wednesday, February 06, 2008

...But Monkette PROMISED That She'd Remember Their Names!

Wandering around town carrying a toy monkey is a great way to meet people. Some guys might think that I'm kind of weird for doing so but they invariably come around in their thinking when they see the effect it has on the ladies.

I'd stopped by Starbucks for a late night cup of joe and had no sooner sat down, Monkette sitting in front of me on the table, when this young lady was gushing about just how cute the monkey was. I had to relate the entire story of my monkeys to her. The guy was good natured about it but I doubt that he rushed out next morning to buy his own toy monkey. That's not an easy task anyway. Not many places seem to carry toy monkeys.

He did put Monkette on his shoulder and he posed for some pictures. He sure looks happy enough doing it and his lady seemed thrilled that he did. Monkette promised to remember their names. I'm bad with names. I think Monkette is catching my "bad". Hopefully we'll run into them again soon, I can write down the names, and I'll be able to edit them into this post!


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