Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Monkette Checks Out The Lair Of Her Cousin Monkanne's Pimp

Monkette cringes every time she so much as walks by an AT&T store these days, not since her cousin Monkanne started doing those television commercials! Monkanne was always kind of the black sheep of the family, running off to the big city at 15, and getting involved with the wrong crowd. One day she met a well dressed young business executive at a local nightclub. After a few drinks, a bit of conversation, and a couple of hours cavorting on the bed back in his hotel room he said to her "Monkanne, you don't have to put on your redlight anymore!" He snapped a few photos of her with his AT&T camera phone and a couple of days later her cell phone rang. It was him! "You're hired!" he said.

He'd hired her to star in a series of television commercials where another equally handsome young executive took photos of her in his hotel room. The plot was that the photos were supposedly of his daughter's toy monkey which he was taking around to various places, taking photos of her, and sending them back home to his little girl. The money was good, the "work" was easy, and she got to travel around the country with him. From now on nothing but organic bananas! She got to try all sorts of pristine exotic fruits she'd never even heard of before. She could afford it now!

She soon met other business executives and spent some time in their hotel rooms. She met a porn producer and she's about to star in some films that nobody in their right mind would let a little girl watch! There's even a new line of doll clothes in the works called Monkanne's Lingerie, but it won't be sold at your local toy store. Strictly internet! (For obvious reasons!)

Well, Monkette hates it when people mistake her for her sleazy cousin. She hates AT&T and she cringes whenever one of those obscene commercials airs. Supposedly if you search around on the internet you can see some footage of Monkanne and an assortment of business executives getting it on with one another after the commercials were filmed. What the hell, it's more money, right? Monkette switched to Verizon Wireless.


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