Saturday, February 09, 2008

Riding On The Running Board

When Monkette spotted a banana colored Jeep she just had to check it out! As we got closer she spotted the running boards. She'd never seen those before. I explained to her that at one time cars had bigger wheels and flat floors over the drive shaft rather than the "tunnel" found in modern cars. The running boards acted as a step to get up and into the car.

Being young, and frankly a bit nuts, she thought it would be oh just so cool to take a ride while sitting on one. I pointed out that there was nothing to hold on to and no seat belt. Finally I pointed out that the Jeep's owner wasn't there and I wasn't about to just take Monkette for a ride in someone elses Jeep without permission, etc., etc. I promised her that next time we had the chance we'd ask the owner for a ride, but NOT sitting on a running board!


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