Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Service With A Smile And Reasonable Prices Too

Is this the last real "service station" in the country? The only place where they won't let you pump your own gas? I suppose that makes it easier to speculate that she's about the only female pump jockey in the country.

It looks like a gas station straight out of the 1960's except for the newer style pumps. A big sign advertises oil changes, tune-ups, and mechanical work. They buy their gas from whichever supplier is most reasonable on a given day, keep their gas prices within a penney of the big chain self-serve places, and it's mostly a penney less. They're located on the south east corner of N.E. 123rd St. and 16th Ave.

I used to take an elderly lady friend, Mary, shopping and to the doctor every week until she went to a retirement home. Whenever I get gas they alwas ask "How's Mary doing?" Now I take Monkette there with me. She loves the place! She loves good caring people.


Anonymous William said...

If you want a throw back to the fifties experience, go to Oregon where there is a "pump jockey" at every station because you are not allowed to pump your own gas anywhere in the State.

6:50 PM  

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