Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hats ~ Love 'em or Hate 'em

Just about whenever I see James Mitchell he's wearing a baseball cap. I can't stand wearing one when I'm out photographing. The brim always seems to be getting in the way of the camera. Vertical shots are the most troublesome. Maybe that's why James is shooting horizontal?

A few weeks ago he was here in town and we took this cute little monkey out and about town. She's to be my grand daughter Gabriella's Valentines Day present. The monkey enjoyed visiting the art galleries and the art museum, the boutiques and antique shops. She really loved the half hour that we spent at Starbucks sitting outside under the umbrellas sipping coffee.

She remarked that the next street over, the one with the parking lots, looked a bit on the scuzzy side. She's right! I'd tell her to bring it up at the next city council meeting but by then she'll be living in Cambridge, MA. I guess I'll bring it up. My son tell me that all their parking lots are snowed under. I hope the monkey likes snow.


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