Friday, February 22, 2008

The Typewriter Lives On

The main reason I dragged the ol' Hermes 3000 Reporter over to Starbucks was I actually did have a few things to type and I don't have a printer for my computer. I could have done the typing at home I suppose but I was hoping to find some reaction from some of the college students who are usually there in droves doing their homework on their laptops, but not this day.
Gloria's reaction was not much more than an "I haven't seen one of those in years! A Hermes! That's a really good typewriter!" She recognized it immediately. She's from northern Italy on the Swiss border and the typewriter is from Switzerland.
I'm working on my second keyboard for my computer but this old thing just keeps on working. Maybe a new ribbon every year or two. A couple of times over the forty odd years that I've owned the thing it needed a cleaning and lubrication.That can be a messy job but nothing very difficult, nothing to take apart or put back together.
I finished my typing and put the lid back on the typewriter. Gloria and I sat around and chatted about the way things used to be as we drank our coffee and enjoyed smoking a few cigarettes.


Anonymous Ian P said...

Sheesh, mechanical typewriter and enjoying a smoke? Whatever next?? I wonder if tomorrow's adults will realise the origins of the courier-style typefaces they see on their screens...and if there are some gadgets that don't need batteries?

6:56 AM  

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