Monday, February 18, 2008

Digging 60's Rock With An Indian ~ Monkette Really Gets Around

Robert is the son of Donna Tiger who passed away not all that long ago. Here's a photo that I took of her. She was about 17 at the time, 1975 I think. I shot it in my back yard. Kodachrome film really holds it's color, just about forever if it's stored in the dark.

Since Donna died Robert has been living with his Aunt Florence Tiger. She was married to Donna's older brother Spencer, and he's named after the oldest brother Robert. Spencer too passed away, as did another sister. There's only one of the sisters still living.
For a few years back in the mid 1970's Robert and I were best friends. I spent a lot of weekends on the Miccosukee Reservation on the Tamiami Trail and Robert spent some weekends at my house. Then Robert bought a new motorcycle. My wife, daughter, and I were sitting in his mom's kitchen drinking coffee when the police gave us the bad news. He'd managed to flip the motorcycle at high speed and didn't survive. He'd had the bike maybe two days at most.
By sheer happenstance I ran into Flo at Starbucks a few weeks ago and she recognized me after three decades. This Robert is about the same age as his uncle Robert was when he and I knew one another years ago. He and his mom even live nearby. He got all excited to discover that I like classic 60's rock, his favorite. Mom, it seems, prefers more mellow sounds, romantic music. We're planning on getting my old turntable set up again and listening to all my old 12 inch vinyls so we can hear them the way they were meant to be enjoyed ~ analog, not digital ~ just the way his uncle and I listened to them.


Anonymous Donna Rose said...

I lost touch with Donna when I left Miami but have thought of her often. She was a big part of my life throughout high school. I have many photos and was fortunate to spend time out on the reservation with her and her family in the late 70s. I am so sorry to hear she and Spencer are gone.

12:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I spent a lot of time with Donna back in the 70's and knew Spencer also. I also lost touch with her when I moved. I spent the night out on the Tamiami Trail reservation at her Mom and Dad's home several times. I did find Donna again back in the 90's (I believe) at the Brighton Reservation and visited her and her good friend at their home. I have a beautiful silver bear claw necklace with a tourquise that Donna gave me that I have treasured ever since. I also have several pictures of us in the 70's. Donna and I had some great growing up times. I am devistated to hear of her passing. She was a beautiful person thorugh and through. Her memory and spirit will live on within. If Robert, her son should read this or anyone else that knew me and would like to get in touch, please do. René Wertheimer (

8:31 AM  

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