Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No Sofkee With Lunch At The Restaurant!

For a bit of background on Florence and Robert Tiger click here:

We'd gone out to get some lunch. My house is mostly full of single guy stuff ~ frozen dinners, frozen pizza, frozen hamburger patties, cereal, Ritz crackers, Devil Dogs, cookies, peanut butter and a dozen jars of jellies, plus a huge stack of good old wholesome Coca Cola. I bought like a three year supply of the 12-packs when they had 'em on sale five for $10, a bit over a year ago. I'm forgetting the canned goods! Soups, beans, and veggies, mostly bought when it was a buy-one-get-one special, and I used coupons to boot!

Florence has more the womanly attitude about eating healthy. Compared to my pantry any restaurant would likely be healthier.

And sofkee? Well, other than being an American Indian concoction made from corn meal and/or hominy, the exact recipe seems to vary greatly from tribe to tribe. Robert is Donna's son and Donna's mom used to serve it in a mug. Think making coffee by putting the coffee into a pan of boiling water, then pouring that into a cup without straining the grounds out of it first. You just use the corn instead of coffee. The corn is softer, less gritty than coffee grounds, but you drink both the liquid on top as well as the soggy corn meal. Different perhaps, but not really all that bad.

Now that Donna passed away, along with her brother Spencer who was Florence's husband, I suspect that Robert gets to eat more along the lines of matzoh balls in home made chicken soup than sofkee, and gefilte fish and pickled herring have probably replaced fried garfish in his diet as well. As Monkette contemplated the thought of a young Miccosukee Indian being raised by a Miami Beach Jewish woman she smiled and chuckled to herself. Only in Miami!


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