Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dining With Nicholas ~ More Yarns Than A Knitting Shop

He doesn't call himself The Story Teller for nothing. He has a seemingly endless supply of stories to tell. Here's a bit more about him:

On this night I'd gone to Jimmey's Place to find some dinner, and I timed it just right to run into Nicholas with his lady friend just starting to eat theirs. Usually I'll beg off joining him when he's with a lady, feeling like I'm imposing. This night he was insistant that I join them. I sat down and joined them.

I've often wondered why stories, especially those in the oral tradition, are called yarns, and telling a story is called weaving a yarn. It doesn't make sense, but then the meaning of words changes over time, as does the way we put those words together. Read a book written a couple hundred years ago and it can almost seem like it's written in another language.

Nicholas has the knack of weaving a tale with just enough use of archaic words and obsolete grammatical structure to enhance the flavor of a good story, yet the contemporary listener will have no trouble in understanding him. You almost expect him to speak like that all the time, but when he's not standing at the microphone he sounds perfectly normal.


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