Sunday, March 09, 2008

Visiting The Council Chambers ~ Monkette Wants To Follow In Hillary Clinton's Footsteps

A couple of years ago Monkette got all excited when she heard that her big sister Elena Kaplan was running for a seat in the Georgia legislature. She read on Elena's campaign website about how she first got interested in politics from attending North Miami City Council meetings with me when she was a young girl. It was another era then, when girls rarely aspired to even be on a municipal advisory board, and only the bravest of the brave tried for a City Council seat.

Now, with Hillary Clinton running for President of the United States Monkette has developed a big interest in politics, wanting to go with me to council meetings, but most of all, to Board of Adjustment meetings so she can see me sitting up there! She really got upset recently when the City Council voted themselves a huge raise in direct violation of the city charter. This was done shortly after voting themselves a generous expense allowance. When I suggested that perhaps they should also consider raising the $10 per month pay of us poor board members it was promptly voted down. Yup, the North Miami mayor and council are too damned cheap to increase the pay from the amount that was set way back in 1961. Back when a cup of coffee was a dime and a pack of smokes was 27 cents regular, 28 king or filter.

Councilman Scott Galvin is also president of the North Miami Historical Society. He and I were two of the founding members, but now I'm retired and living on Social Security. Monkette (she handles my finances) told me that I really can't afford the $10 annual membership dues anymore, and I certainly can't afford to attend the annual "Sunday Lunch" at the American Czech-Slovak Club. That's $20 a person! If I bring a date and pay my membership dues that amounts to FIVE MONTH'S pay on the Board of Adjustment! Hell, Monkette is still bitching about the recent two cent a pound increase in the price of bananas.

Monkette is now seriously considering a run for North Miami Mayor in 2009. Her big sister Elena Kaplan might have lost the race in Atlanta but Monkette has been rounding up experienced political advisors, top advertizing people, public relations experts, and making up a list of potential campaign contibutors. Monkette is not planning on losing! No way!


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