Monday, March 24, 2008

Why Do We Buy Our Groceries At The Drugstore And Get Our Drugs At The Supermarket?

I can go into my neighborhood 24 hour Walgreens Drugs and get milk and butter, bread, eggs, a decent selection of canned goods, just about everything except fresh meats, fish and produce. I can even chat with friends that I haven't seen in awhile. All this as my color film gets processed and scanned to a disc.

When it comes to filling a prescription, though, I'm more likely to head down the street to my local Publix supermarket. More and more of their locations feature pharmacies, and as long as you have a prescription they'll give you antibiotics for free. They don't even make an attempt to bill your insurance. They just give you a bottle of free pills!

It's whatever it takes to get folks in the door, hoping that they'll find something else that they want to buy as long as they're already there. Is it just a matter of time before some astute marketing person comes up with a truely revolutionary concept, like maybe putting soda fountains or lunch counters in drug stores? And so the cycle continues.


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